Shower Screens Brisbane

Shower screens Brisbane play an important role in the functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom. They are essential for creating a clean, fresh and contemporary look and they also offer the convenience of providing clear access to water and shower components. There are a variety of options available to suit different bathrooms and budgets – from frameless, framed or semi-frameless. The best option for your space will depend on the size and style of the shower, the design of your home and other factors.

Choosing a shower screen that is custom made will usually end up being cheaper than buying an off-the-shelf unit. However, a custom-made unit can also cost more depending on the design of your bathroom, whether or not you require curved glass, or extra features such as handles. Often a custom-made screen will also come with a form 16 compliance certificate which is necessary to obtain warranties on your shower products.

A custom shower screen can be made to any size and configuration, making it possible to achieve the perfect fit. This can be particularly helpful in small bathrooms where the use of a hinge or pivot door may limit the amount of floor space available. The ability to create a more spacious effect by using a sliding screen can be a great way of overcoming these limitations and achieving a better flow through the room.

A variety of styles are available, including a range of sliding and folding options. There are also a variety of glass types and finishes, with 6mm tempered safety glass being the standard for modern shower screens. This thickness can withstand daily use and still offer the clarity that many people prefer.

Some shower screens use a combination of framing and a glass panel to achieve the desired look. These are generally known as a semi-frameless screen and are an excellent choice for those who want the stability of a framed screen but prefer a minimalist aesthetic. These screens tend to be more affordable than frameless screens and are available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes.

When it comes to cost, one of the biggest ways you can control shower screen costs is by carefully measuring your space before ordering. This will ensure your new shower screen fits perfectly first time and minimises adjustments and return trips for installers. Similarly, choosing standard sizes and affordable glass thicknesses will help to keep costs down.

Ultimately, the right shower screen can make or break your bathroom design. The key is to choose a quality product and professional installation. Avoid cheap ‘kit form’ units imported from Asia as they may not comply with Australian standards and could lead to leaks and other problems down the line. For a hassle-free upgrade to your bathroom, speak to a reputable local supplier for expert advice on the right Shower screens Brisbane for your home. Contact Stegbar today to find out more or request a quote.